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Household energy: what gas and electricity suppliers must learn from the oil companies

Here we are again.

Great Britain, I can report, has descended to the yaboo politics of yesteryear. Inept career politicians, none of whom have ever managed a business, biff-baff each other with naïve and unrealistic ‘policies’ to the detriment of us all – especially the old and needy.

Biff. Last week the Conservative-led Coalition government privatised the Royal Mail, a move which runs the risk of devastating rural communities and which, with a bit of forethought, was completely unnecessary.

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Every child has a talent at something

For how long will we say that our educational system is our country’s greatest failing?

It won’t surprise you when I say for as long as our inadequate career politicians are in charge: Read more on Every child has a talent at something…

What politicians could learn from rugby (and the Marines)

Next week, Martin Johnson, the manager of the England rugby team, has to cut his current squad of 40 players down to the final 30 who will travel to New Zealand for the forthcoming World Cup.

A few years ago, I attended a lunch at which Sir Clive Woodward was guest speaker. He was the England manager for the World Cups of 1999 and 2003 and was faced with the same decision then as Johnson faces next week.

Sir Clive spoke very eloquently on the subject of leadership, teamwork and human behaviour. Read more on What politicians could learn from rugby (and the Marines)…

Caroline Spelman a metaphor for tumbling Coalition

I wonder if the people of our country know what a seminal week this has been?

The Government have been forced into an embarrassing climbdown (sic) from the sale of forests and woodland.

The Right Honourable Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, told the House of Commons: “I am sorry. We got this one wrong, but we have listened to people’s concerns.” Read more on Caroline Spelman a metaphor for tumbling Coalition…

What was it like?

So, I have this nagging concern that, with the major social battles of the 20th century fought and won – women’s suffrage, equal rights, free market economics over socialism – and, especially, with all this new media about – why, in the 21st century, is our society diverging rather than converging?

And why aren’t our politicians more sophisticated, more strategic, about how they use these new media opportunities to bring people closer together and unite society – globally as well as domestically. Read more on What was it like?…

Why did I do it?

I had never been involved in politics, certainly not party politics but, in July 2007, I was asked by a friend, who headed up one of the public sector reviews in Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice, to cast my professional eye over the report his team had produced. 

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What is wrong with UK politics

This reads more like a letter than a blog but, hey, I am going to post it anyway. And you’ve got a few days off to read it if you want to. 

First of all, many thanks to all of my friends in our industry who have reacted so positively to the announcement last week that I am going to be standing as an Independent MP at the General Election. I have been overwhelmed by your support and am extremely grateful to all who have donated to my fighting fund at Read more on What is wrong with UK politics…