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‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society

I cannot believe our politicians have only just realised that the ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society is the most fundamental problem they need to solve.

It shows an extraordinary lack of leadership and vision.

I can say this, rather immodestly, because it is exactly what I told them over four years ago – long before the last General Election. Here’s my story…. Read more on ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society…

Conservatives a careless brand

Last week, I dutifully recorded Ed Miliband’s speech at the Labour Conference.

I watched it in the evening and stayed up late writing my post only to find that, apart from the unique human insights to which you are accustomed, most of my views were reflected across the mass media.

“Get a life”, said the wife. So less to read this week, you will be pleased to hear.

In 2007, I advised the Conservatives how to win the last election. You can read it here: ‘The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way’. In the same post, months before the riots, I told them the human effect of their savage cuts would be social chaos. Alienating people is not good leadership. Read more on Conservatives a careless brand…

The curse of David Cameron

Never before has ‘the establishment’ – as defined by Politicians, Police and Press – been so derided, discredited, and utterly disgraced as they are today.

After his ‘performance’ in Parliament yesterday, those of us interested in current affairs – and human behaviour within that sphere – are entitled to review the position, and character, of the man at the top.

Let’s face it, our country is now in a worse state than David Cameron himself can ever have imagined when he became Prime Minister just over a year ago.

Frankly, his ‘reign’ has been a complete disaster.

On 7 July, even The Daily Telegraph screamed: ‘Cameron is in the sewer’. Read more on The curse of David Cameron…

David Cameron, Eton and George Orwell

I do feel gloating, common amongst footballers and politicians, to be most unseemly behaviour. The words ‘I told you so’ are rather distasteful too, so sorry about this….

In my blog post dated 29 October 2010 ‘The Conservatives may be doing the right thing , but in the wrong way’ (still my most-read post), I predicted that the proposed spending cuts would lead to ‘social chaos’. This was proved to be true by the student riots on 10 November 2010 and then again with the anti-cut protestors on Saturday (26 March 2011). Read more on David Cameron, Eton and George Orwell…

Caroline Spelman a metaphor for tumbling Coalition

I wonder if the people of our country know what a seminal week this has been?

The Government have been forced into an embarrassing climbdown (sic) from the sale of forests and woodland.

The Right Honourable Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, told the House of Commons: “I am sorry. We got this one wrong, but we have listened to people’s concerns.” Read more on Caroline Spelman a metaphor for tumbling Coalition…

The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way

With all these massive changes in the our social welfare system going on, I wonder if they are being communicated with honesty and, in particular, if the Conservative element of the Coalition couldn’t be transmitting their message in a less damaging way to their brand?

Here’s my story (sorry it’s another long one):

In 2007 a professional contact, who has become a personal friend of mine, happened to be appointed to head up one of the Study Review Groups in Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice.

He asked me if I would run my eye over his team’s final report. I won’t say which one but it is an area of society in which I have some experience and expertise. And I like to think he asked me because he would value the wisdom of my input. Read more on The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way…

Can ‘conservative’ be ‘radical’?

So the Tory slogan is ‘Year for Change’.

Well, how creative and inspiring can you get?! Really modern. Really radical. Read more on Can ‘conservative’ be ‘radical’?…