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How to solve ‘The NHS Problem’ (4)

Everybody cares, every day

This is the last of four posts which provide a new, more creative way of funding the NHS.

So far, I have proposed:

1. That NHS services be more clearly divided into ‘treatment’ and ‘care’
2. That NHS care services be integrated with – and managed by – the charity sector
3. Tax incentives to encourage people to contribute generously to a new National Care Service

Last time, I showed how the very rich could be incentivised by an income tax reduction to 30% subject to that sum being matched by a donation to the National Care Service (NCS). One ‘reward’ would be the allocation of naming rights to NCS homes, wings and wards.

Now, in this post, I will show how everybody can contribute to the NCS every day. Read more on How to solve ‘The NHS Problem’ (4)…

How to solve ‘The NHS Problem’ (2)

Wholesale engagement with charity sector

Last time, I discussed the need for the NHS to differentiate between ‘treatment’ and ‘care’. In the last week, three stories have emerged to support this view:

1. Families are being told they have seven days to find their relative a space in a care home – or risk being taken to court (Daily Mail)

Dr Paul Flynn, chairman of the British Medical Association’s consultant committee, said: ‘Pressure on NHS services is at a critical point and cracks are beginning to appear.’

2. Care for people with learning disabilities is ‘failing’, report says (BBC News) Read more on How to solve ‘The NHS Problem’ (2)…

NHS – a ‘sick’ future

I have a dilemma. As ‘A Different Hat’ on, this is my 100th post.

So I want to make it really special. I want to write about the NHS. Because the NHS is really, really special. And I have an ‘upstream’ creative solution that may secure its future.

But when I saw a full-page article on the NHS this week, even I could not face reading a full page of political treacle. This is my dilemma.

So here goes.

I know a lot about the NHS – personally and professionally. I was paid to do a project on the NHS brand. A summary of my solution is on Page 5 of this document: A Different Hat.   Read more on NHS – a ‘sick’ future…