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It may be right. It may be good. But is it interesting?

FIRST PUBLISHED ON The Wall 25 July 2014

David Ogilvy said this about advertising:

‘You can’t bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it.’

Here is the same mantra with the key word underlined by me:

‘You can’t bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it.’

As my advertising career began with Ogilvy, I have been interested in ‘interesting’ for a very long time.

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Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century

Hugh's Fish Fight

For several years now, I have advocated that more intelligent use of the media options available to us in the 21st century can influence social change and a better world.

Earlier this month, we were reminded of such a campaign when TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Hugh) updated TV viewers on his ‘Fish Fight’ campaign.

For those who are not aware, Fish Fight started in 2010 when Hugh highlighted the ridiculous situation where, under the EU landing quota system, our fishermen were being forced to throw back into the sea over half of the dead fish they had caught.

Largely as a result of the Fish fight campaign, there was an emphatic vote in the European parliament in which MEPs voted 502 to 137 to end this ridiculous practice. Fish Fight has been, in every sense, a political campaignRead more on Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century…

Marketing = consumers = customers = cash

And so, as we enjoy our short, hot summer, a new generation of university graduates return their rented gowns and mortar boards and head off into the big, wide world.

The lucky ones know what they want to do and are taking the first steps to fulfilling their dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or, God forbid, a banker.

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Kindness? That takes effort.

This post on kindness was going to be my Christmas message until the massacre in Newtown forced me, and many others, to rage against the inhumanity of the US gun laws.

Mind you, even at Sandy Hook, there was evidence of extraordinary human behaviour: ‘What we forget, too often, is the kindness and resilience of this nation.’ And, way beyond kindness, who will forget the heroic bravery of Victoria Soto and her colleagues?

On 18 November, the TV producer John Lloyd was on Desert Island Discs. He is behind such programmes as Spitting Image, Not The Nine o’Clock News, QI and, yippee, Blackadder. In a surprisingly introspective interview, this cultured and educated man said:

‘Intelligence is something you’re given. Kindness? That takes effort.’ Read more on Kindness? That takes effort….

US Gun Laws: Could Twitter and Facebook be forces for good?

What a world.

Twenty-six children have been slaughtered.

To protect them, teachers have thrown their bodies into hails of gunfire.

‘Carnage’, as President Obama said: Read more on US Gun Laws: Could Twitter and Facebook be forces for good?…

Super-injunctions and Contra Mundum Orders

It is a weird feeling when someone you know becomes the talk of the moment. This happened to me last week (no sorry, I don’t know Prince William or Kate Middleton).

Mr Justice Eady issued a Contra Mundum super-injunction to prevent publication of ‘intimate photographs’ of a married public figure, who we are to call OPQ, after a woman tried to sell them for a ‘large sum of money’.

A Contra Mundum super-injunction is enforceable worldwide and in perpetuity.

‘Amoral judges, shameless celebrities and a Britain that’s coming close to a police state’ railed The Mail.

‘Blame the gagging judges, not the Human Rights Act’ pronounced The Telegraph.

‘At the rate the judge is going, I’m surprised he didn’t make the order to cover the whole solar system’ said helpful Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.

Now I know Sir David Eady. Read more on Super-injunctions and Contra Mundum Orders…

Social Media 2010 Legacy 3 – Work and Play

Two weeks ago, I argued that 2010 has been a world-changing year. 

Now, by ‘crowning’ Mark Zuckerberg Person of the Year, I am pleased to report that Time magazine appears to agree with me. How opinion forming is that? “This honour is awarded to the figure deemed to have had the most influence on world events that year – not necessarily in a positive way. Both Hitler and Stalin have won in the past”.

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Social Media 2010 Legacy 1 – Connectivity and Isolation

So, it is December 2010. Christmas is coming. And, as a load of snow is dumped on us, I have been reflecting on how the world has changed in 2010. 

For I do think that, although 1984 and 2001 were going to be world-changing years, 2010 actually was. The likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones and MP3 players have come of age – and tablets will become increasingly accepted as competition drives down price. I know some of these businesses started in the last decade, the last century even, but I do believe the year 2010 has defined them – and they have defined 2010.

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Galaxy chocolate makes me sick

Now, from the start, I have to own up to two vested interests. 

First, I am a plain chocolate, not a milk chocolate person. Give me Bournville over Dairy Milk anyday – or, preferably, Co-op Fairtrade dark chocolate. Yummy. 

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‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’ on YouTube

I have posted a film version of my earlier post ‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’ here: