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Do you brighten the space you occupy?

This summer I have been listening to the audiobook ‘Life Beyond Measure‘ written and read by Sidney Poitier although, when I say ‘read’, I should really say ‘performed’ so brilliant is Poitier’s delivery. 

Good actors have a wonderful talent of bringing the written word to life which is why I prefer to listen to, rather than read, books of this genre. Leslie Phillips’ autobiography ‘Hello‘ was infinitely better in the listening than the reading. Who can say ‘hello’ like Leslie Phillips let alone read ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear like this? Read more on Do you brighten the space you occupy?…

Olympic success defines a new Britain for the 21st Century

The subject of my first blog, over three years ago, was ‘Convergence and Divergence’. It discussed an observation made, over twenty years ago, at an international business conference by a heavy-hitting American banker, a breed we respected at the time. He said:

‘Over time, convergence is more likely than divergence’. 

Watching the Olympics, I have asked myself time after time, lap after lap, if he was right. And I have concluded that no, I don’t think he was. It seems both have happened. We have converged and we have diverged.

How so? Read more on Olympic success defines a new Britain for the 21st Century…

When a human right is a human wrong

Sitting, lounging, reading books – as I am now – by a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it is natural to absorb more sunshine than news. But the full horror of the Denver Dark Knight killings has penetrated this tranquil state and destroyed the lives of hundreds of innocent people oceans away from here.

No doubt thousands of commentators have written millions of pages about this crime (not many of which, frankly, have I read).

But how many people were reading – as I was last week – the seminal American novel ‘Freedom’, by Jonathan Franzen, on the very day the news from Denver came through? In the book, Franzen writes this: Read more on When a human right is a human wrong…

Twitter Wars

Last week, my 26 April post on ‘Super-injunctions’ attracted a surge of interest on a spectacular scale, partly through the national news agenda but also on Twitter from the likes of @JennaAlicia (#ff Jenna-Alicia from @TheSalmonAgency!)

I guess one follows the other but, these days, I am confused as to which is which.

Does Twitter set the news agenda or does the news agenda follow Twitter? Read more on Twitter Wars…

‘YES to AV’ Fiasco

The purpose of A Different Hat is to connect all our skills in marketing and communications (in all its forms) to a wider world than commercial products and services.

So I was going to spend the week-end writing a hugely insightful discourse into the brilliance of the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign. Read more on ‘YES to AV’ Fiasco…