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‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society

I cannot believe our politicians have only just realised that the ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society is the most fundamental problem they need to solve.

It shows an extraordinary lack of leadership and vision.

I can say this, rather immodestly, because it is exactly what I told them over four years ago – long before the last General Election. Here’s my story…. Read more on ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society…

‘Social chaos’ foreseen in October 2010

In my post dated 29 October 2010, ‘The Conservatives may be doing the right thing but in the wrong way’, I predicted that Government policies would lead to ‘social chaos’ in this country (third last paragraph).

At the time, I thought long and hard about writing this because it was a brave call. There hadn’t been rioting on the streets of London for several years. Read more on ‘Social chaos’ foreseen in October 2010…

Why don’t Labour launch an ‘Unemployed Union’ and a ‘Disabled Union’?

Only a year ago I was out there electioneering as an Independent Candidate in the last General Election. The reasons I did this were explained here at the time.

In short, alongside many other Independents, I thought the MPs expenses scandal was an issue that called into account their personal – and collective – integrity.

Surely they could not have each, individually, worked out that they were able to evade Capital Gains Tax by ‘flipping’ their houses? Did not one of them think of raising a hand to say there was something wrong in this behaviour? Unbelievable. Criminal. Read more on Why don’t Labour launch an ‘Unemployed Union’ and a ‘Disabled Union’?…

Careless Conservatives true colours revealed

For me, the end of the year is a time of introspection as well as retrospection.
Some Blackberry-light and call-free time for reading, thinking and self-analysis. Read more on Careless Conservatives true colours revealed…

Marks and Spencer and Iain Duncan Smith – BOGOF!

1. Marks & Spencer (M&S)

This week Marc Bolland, the new CEO of M&S, unveiled his strategic plan, including a target to grow internet sales from £500m now to between £800m and £1bn in 2014.

I’m sure you can Google the rest.

One analyst described the review as ‘sensible but a little underwhelming’. Apparently the strategy is to ‘keep doing what M&S does – only better’.

Well I can tell you that, from a consumer perspective, this won’t be good enough. Read more on Marks and Spencer and Iain Duncan Smith – BOGOF!…

The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way

With all these massive changes in the our social welfare system going on, I wonder if they are being communicated with honesty and, in particular, if the Conservative element of the Coalition couldn’t be transmitting their message in a less damaging way to their brand?

Here’s my story (sorry it’s another long one):

In 2007 a professional contact, who has become a personal friend of mine, happened to be appointed to head up one of the Study Review Groups in Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice.

He asked me if I would run my eye over his team’s final report. I won’t say which one but it is an area of society in which I have some experience and expertise. And I like to think he asked me because he would value the wisdom of my input. Read more on The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way…