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Every child has a talent at something

For how long will we say that our educational system is our country’s greatest failing?

It won’t surprise you when I say for as long as our inadequate career politicians are in charge: Read more on Every child has a talent at something…

You can’t practice pressure

In the European Cup this week, the England v Italy quarter final and the Spain v Portugal semi-final have been decided by penalty kicks in which  a player is asked to put the ball on a spot and kick it past a goalkeeper into a goal (or not). 

In this way, rather than a contest of skill, the ‘game’ becomes more of a mental ordeal whereby the penalties continue until one player cracks under pressure and fails to score.

Players have ‘choked’ in other sports too. In his book Bounce, Matthew Syed explored the theory that all you need is up to 10,000 hours practice to reach a level where the motor mechanisms in your body become automatic.

Surely, when under pressure to perform in an environment and atmosphere that you simply cannot practice, you need think smarter too? Read more on You can’t practice pressure…

Tomorrow never comes (unless you’re Green)

That ‘capable, most extraordinary politician’ Caroline Lucas has announced she is stepping down as leader of the Green Party. It says here this is ‘part of a strategy centred on challenging the Liberal Democrats at the next election.’

I wonder if the Greens will succeed in this objective or, indeed, if they are aware of the strategic opportunity that is staring them in the face?

In the recent London Mayor elections Jenny Jones, the Green candidate, did beat the Lib Dems. But will her party overcome their prevailing image as a bunch of environmental dreamers as out of touch with the needs of today’s world as a Woodstock hippy stick-in-the-mud awaiting the resurrection of Jimi Hendrix? Read more on Tomorrow never comes (unless you’re Green)…

How the Banks can save the NHS

In June last year, I posted an insight to solve the NHS problem which, given the cost of the NHS is forecast to increase from £130bn in 2015 to £260bn in 2030, is a big one.

At the time, David Cameron had stepped in and put the Bill on ‘pause’.

This must have been a bore to Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, who had dreamt up a Bill without, it seems, due research or consultation with the medical profession.

Today, we now find this Bill, more formally the Health and Social Care Bill, is back in ‘forward’ mode or, more accurately, ‘slow forward’ mode. Read more on How the Banks can save the NHS…

The Pope’s opportunity to overcome the vested interests in Christianity

The Pope’s visit to the UK at the end of last week and over the week-end dominated the media to such an extent that it is impossible to avoid the subject.

As a lapsed Catholic, who is now an atheist, I believe I have a right to my own say.

And I may have a world-changing Insight, in which the marketing and media industries could have a role. I am aware my Insights are not always accepted, not when I reveal them anyway, but I think I have one, which I will come to at the end.

For now, if it doesn’t sound too Biblical, please forgive me if I start at the beginning. Read more on The Pope’s opportunity to overcome the vested interests in Christianity…

@StephenFry on #Twitter – a new media channel for charity marketing

I feel if you are going to come out, you might as well be up front about it.

So, deep breath, here goes. I admit it.

I have started following @Stephen Fry on Twitter.

At the time of writing, I am just one of his 1,765,562 followers. But I also have a  confession to make and I feel, if you have a confession to make, you might as well  be up front about it so here goes. Read more on @StephenFry on #Twitter – a new media channel for charity marketing…

Open letter to Rupert Murdoch concerning The Times paywall

Dear Rupert Murdoch, 

Last week, on 4 August, this website reported that you ‘gave the first hint’ that subscriber levels to The Times pay wall are ‘strong’. 

Good on you. 

But what you have done has really hacked me off. You may not care about this. After all, who am I? 

Well, I am one of your customers. Read more on Open letter to Rupert Murdoch concerning The Times paywall…