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Super-injunctions, contra mundum orders and social media

It is a weird feeling when someone you know becomes the talk of the moment. This happened to me last week (no sorry, I don’t know Prince William or Kate Middleton).

Mr Justice Eady issued a Contra Mundum super-injunction to prevent publication of ‘intimate photographs’ of a married public figure, who we are to call OPQ, after a woman tried to sell them for a ‘large sum of money’.

A Contra Mundum super-injunction is enforceable worldwide and in perpetuity.

‘Amoral judges, shameless celebrities and a Britain that’s coming close to a police state’ railed The Mail.

‘Blame the gagging judges, not the Human Rights Act’ pronounced The Telegraph.

‘At the rate the judge is going, I’m surprised he didn’t make the order to cover the whole solar system’ said helpful Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.

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