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The evil of social media

At last year’s General Election, I argued for the more intelligent use of social media in modern warfare.

With the application of a greater depth of human understanding in Libya, I have no doubt that a more successful outcome would have been achieved. It is now nearly August and the protesters are not back in Tripoli where they were on 27 February (as I Tweeted on the day).

Our leaders have blood on their hands. Read more on The evil of social media…


I am sorry, but in a week where all my spare time has been spent toying with the vitally important issue of my new iPad, all I can do is ask you to re-read my posts on Libya:

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David Cameron, Eton and George Orwell

I do feel gloating, common amongst footballers and politicians, to be most unseemly behaviour. The words ‘I told you so’ are rather distasteful too, so sorry about this….

In my blog post dated 29 October 2010 ‘The Conservatives may be doing the right thing , but in the wrong way’ (still my most-read post), I predicted that the proposed spending cuts would lead to ‘social chaos’. This was proved to be true by the student riots on 10 November 2010 and then again with the anti-cut protestors on Saturday (26 March 2011). Read more on David Cameron, Eton and George Orwell…

Gaddafi, Imran Khan and Behavioural Insights

Behavioural Insights apply to evil dictators as much as consumers or the electorate.

Why shouldn’t they? We are all human.

So what has been the role of the Government’s new Behavioural Insight Team (BIT)
in the Libya/Gaddafi debacle?

David Cameron is lauded for being the earliest ‘statesman’ to propose a no-fly zone.

This was when the brave anti-Gaddafi protesters had come together to call for his
downfall on the streets of Tripoli (let alone Benghazi).

As I have Tweeted repeatedly, then was the time to do a deal with Gaddafi:


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Sent: Feb 27, 2011 11:28p

Is now a good time to block #Gaddafi UK financial assets? Won’t it force
him to entrench position against protesters?

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Libya, Christchurch and sadness closer to home

There are times when the news of the day is just so compelling that you want to keep up with developments hourly or even in real time.

This week, this has been the case for two very different stories. The bravery of the people of Libya and the tragedy of the earthquake in Christchurch.

For me, the time I normally allocate to writing this post was spent at the funeral of a 31 year old cousin who worked in PR and died of cancer last week. Read more on Libya, Christchurch and sadness closer to home…