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Branding: understanding the importance of trust

When I joined the advertising business, there was a new buzzword called ‘marketing’. Few knew what it meant. At Ogilvy & Mather, where my career was born, we had a guy – yes, one person in the whole agency – whose job was to explain this new concept to our clients.

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When you need someone to do something they don’t want to do

Cynics might interpret the title of this post as a definition of marketing and, thus, the world we live in today. But, as marketing is my job, how could I agree?

One of the advantages of working in creative businesses is that, on the whole, decision-making is based on creative talent and strength of argument rather than rank or pay grade.

After all, you can’t expect people to write what they don’t think, draw what they can’t see or film what they cannot imagine. Read more on When you need someone to do something they don’t want to do…

Tuition fees: evidence of an unkind system

It was revealed last week that, following the introduction of tuition fees, there has been a 40% drop in university admissions.

What a surprise.

You don’t have to be the world’s most sophisticated marketing or behavioural expert to know that if you start charging money for something you used to provide for free, you are going to lose a large percentage of your ‘customers’.

After the anger of my last post, you may be expecting a tirade against another flawed UK Government initiative.

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Why can’t companies have ‘social’ as well as ‘limited’ liability?

It does get lonely, this blogging business.

My career has been in the much more collaborative world of marketing and advertising, where I am used to researching opinion, sharing knowledge, knocking around ideas, listening to other people’s thoughts and making innovative judgements based on the team view.

The over-arching theme of all my posts is that the talent and creativity in marketing and advertising could be better used for the benefit of society as a whole, rather than restricted to gorillas selling chocolate and meerkats insurance.

Thus it is frustrating, by definition of the medium, to be forced to progress, all on one’s own, from ‘insight’ to ‘strategy’ to ‘execution’ – and then find one is judged at the executional rather than strategic level (often by people who are even more sad and lonely than you are). Read more on Why can’t companies have ‘social’ as well as ‘limited’ liability?…

Catch-22 of a rotten political system

It is legitimate to discuss political parties as brands. After three weeks of party Conferences, the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservative parties have shown the world their wares and their performance has been open to debate (sic).

I understand the Party conferences were so overcome by lobbyists and commercial interests that, last week, the Prime Minister was talking to a half-empty hall. Open debate indeed.

Surely the management of the economy, and the good of the people, is fundamentally important to marketing and the marketing services businesses? In a strong economy, consumers spend more money and hence oil the wheels of the economy, which encourages people to spend more. One follows the other. Everybody is better off. Read more on Catch-22 of a rotten political system…

What do the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) know about advertising?

On Sunday (21 November 2010) the following recruitment advertisement by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was brought to my attention: 

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