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Coulson exit provides new opportunity for Cameron

So, in an exciting week of news, Andy Coulson – David Cameron’s token piece of  rough – moved on to pastures new.

Does this provide the Prime Minister with the opportunity to develop a new, more professional approach to developing his policies and bringing more of the common people, rather than tabloid newspapers, along with him?

I do hope so. It seems to me that, in politics, unlike in commerce, politicians think up what they are going to do, release a press release accordingly and then manipulate the media to support them.

Most people in business cannot do this. Marketers and their products and brands do not get covered in the media like politicians do. So they have to think. And they have to make sure they bring their customers along with them or they go bust. Read more on Coulson exit provides new opportunity for Cameron…

NHS – government engages with strategic marketing at last

My first ever blog as ‘A Different Hat’ on this site was posted on 13 November 2009.
It was called ‘Convergence and Divergence’.

After setting up my core thesis, I said: Read more on NHS – government engages with strategic marketing at last…

Marks and Spencer and Iain Duncan Smith – BOGOF!

1. Marks & Spencer (M&S)

This week Marc Bolland, the new CEO of M&S, unveiled his strategic plan, including a target to grow internet sales from £500m now to between £800m and £1bn in 2014.

I’m sure you can Google the rest.

One analyst described the review as ‘sensible but a little underwhelming’. Apparently the strategy is to ‘keep doing what M&S does – only better’.

Well I can tell you that, from a consumer perspective, this won’t be good enough. Read more on Marks and Spencer and Iain Duncan Smith – BOGOF!…

COI – could do better?

So Campaign nominated the COI as the advertiser of the last decade. Effusive was the praise:

“Few clients have held the ad industry’s respect, admiration and affection for so long as COI. Its roster agencies are united in their high regard for the professionalism of its top people and the scrupulously fair way it conducts its business”.

As to agency regard for the COI, my Cynical Hat is nagging “well they would say that wouldn’t they?”. As the biggest spending client in the country (£250million last year), the price to an agency of NOT being on the COI roster would be unthinkable. Read more on COI – could do better?…