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Why the Scots would be mad to vote for independence (not that I care)

So, next week the Scots will decide if they want to be independent.

Let me start by declaring a lack of interest in this issue. A complete lack of interest. I think may be one-eighth Scottish but I really don’t care if I have Scottish blood coursing through my veins. It hasn’t affected my life either way.

I have been to Scotland a handful of times. I have watched a couple of rugby internationals in Edinburgh and stayed with some friends in the Borders which was good fun. I may have been to Glasgow once to be on local radio but I really can’t remember. Nor can I be bothered to find out. It really doesn’t matter either way.

I wonder how many Scots have heard of ‘ASEAN’?

ASEAN stands for the ‘Association of South East Asian Nations’. It is the Asian equivalent of the EU. And, Scot or not, you need to know about ASEAN. Especially now. Read more on Why the Scots would be mad to vote for independence (not that I care)…

You can’t practice pressure

In the European Cup this week, the England v Italy quarter final and the Spain v Portugal semi-final have been decided by penalty kicks in which  a player is asked to put the ball on a spot and kick it past a goalkeeper into a goal (or not). 

In this way, rather than a contest of skill, the ‘game’ becomes more of a mental ordeal whereby the penalties continue until one player cracks under pressure and fails to score.

Players have ‘choked’ in other sports too. In his book Bounce, Matthew Syed explored the theory that all you need is up to 10,000 hours practice to reach a level where the motor mechanisms in your body become automatic.

Surely, when under pressure to perform in an environment and atmosphere that you simply cannot practice, you need think smarter too? Read more on You can’t practice pressure…

Leadership: Be Driven. Be Smart. Be Human.

I have been thinking about ‘Leadership’ as a topic for this post. What a nightmare.

The thought occurred with wry amusement that the ‘Leadership for a Better Britain’ theme at the Conservative Party Conference was followed, within days, by the biggest back-bench rebellion Cameron has faced as Prime Minister.

Then I started researching Leadership as a topic.

How naïve was that?

Leadership is all over the place, especially online. Read more on Leadership: Be Driven. Be Smart. Be Human….

Why do schools (and Parliament) have such long holidays?

Last week, I was invited by Paul McEntee, Associate Director at JCPR Edelman, to contribute to a podcast on ‘the silly season‘. Edelman use these podcasts to discuss issues of the day and place them on their website to broadcast to clients and staff.

My co-panellists were Jim Grice, who runs the Press Association video operation and John McEntee, Editor of Richard Kay column for the Daily Mail.

For me, I must admit the silly season has not been a subject I had given a great deal of thought to or, frankly, have felt I have had to consider much in my career. Read more on Why do schools (and Parliament) have such long holidays?…

Behavioural economics – understood?

To quote the late lamented Jade Goody, I’m in a dimella.

Do I move on from misinterpreting a post by Dave Trott last week, in which I thought he was taking a pop at Rory Sutherland?

Or do I risk digging a hole for myself by re-focussing on what I feel is the key issue (upon which I now know Dave and Rory agree)?

The rather damp squib of the debate was about Behavioural Economics, and whether or not Creatives could understand the concept. Read more on Behavioural economics – understood?…