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‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society

I cannot believe our politicians have only just realised that the ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society is the most fundamental problem they need to solve.

It shows an extraordinary lack of leadership and vision.

I can say this, rather immodestly, because it is exactly what I told them over four years ago – long before the last General Election. Here’s my story…. Read more on ‘Role of Government’ in a capitalist society…

The curse of David Cameron

Never before has ‘the establishment’ – as defined by Politicians, Police and Press – been so derided, discredited, and utterly disgraced as they are today.

After his ‘performance’ in Parliament yesterday, those of us interested in current affairs – and human behaviour within that sphere – are entitled to review the position, and character, of the man at the top.

Let’s face it, our country is now in a worse state than David Cameron himself can ever have imagined when he became Prime Minister just over a year ago.

Frankly, his ‘reign’ has been a complete disaster.

On 7 July, even The Daily Telegraph screamed: ‘Cameron is in the sewer’. Read more on The curse of David Cameron…

Coulson exit provides new opportunity for Cameron

So, in an exciting week of news, Andy Coulson – David Cameron’s token piece of  rough – moved on to pastures new.

Does this provide the Prime Minister with the opportunity to develop a new, more professional approach to developing his policies and bringing more of the common people, rather than tabloid newspapers, along with him?

I do hope so. It seems to me that, in politics, unlike in commerce, politicians think up what they are going to do, release a press release accordingly and then manipulate the media to support them.

Most people in business cannot do this. Marketers and their products and brands do not get covered in the media like politicians do. So they have to think. And they have to make sure they bring their customers along with them or they go bust. Read more on Coulson exit provides new opportunity for Cameron…

Careless Conservatives true colours revealed

For me, the end of the year is a time of introspection as well as retrospection.
Some Blackberry-light and call-free time for reading, thinking and self-analysis. Read more on Careless Conservatives true colours revealed…

The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way

With all these massive changes in the our social welfare system going on, I wonder if they are being communicated with honesty and, in particular, if the Conservative element of the Coalition couldn’t be transmitting their message in a less damaging way to their brand?

Here’s my story (sorry it’s another long one):

In 2007 a professional contact, who has become a personal friend of mine, happened to be appointed to head up one of the Study Review Groups in Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice.

He asked me if I would run my eye over his team’s final report. I won’t say which one but it is an area of society in which I have some experience and expertise. And I like to think he asked me because he would value the wisdom of my input. Read more on The Conservatives may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way…

Why did I do it?

I had never been involved in politics, certainly not party politics but, in July 2007, I was asked by a friend, who headed up one of the public sector reviews in Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice, to cast my professional eye over the report his team had produced. 

Read more on Why did I do it?…