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Beware, in this digital age, of the wrath of the people

1. strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation; ire.
2. vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger.

Snatching some early summer sun in Greece, I have been reading John Steinbeck’s seminal American novel, The Grapes of Wrath.

For those who do not know, it is the story of an agricultural 1930s American family – the Joads – who are driven from Oklahoma to California in search of work. As the Joads strive to survive, the book tracks their lives, and their world, disintegrating into chaos and despair.

Published in 1939, the people and the scenes in The Grapes of Wrath are, in every way, a world apart from modern Britain.

Or are they? Read more on Beware, in this digital age, of the wrath of the people…

Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century

Hugh's Fish Fight

For several years now, I have advocated that more intelligent use of the media options available to us in the 21st century can influence social change and a better world.

Earlier this month, we were reminded of such a campaign when TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Hugh) updated TV viewers on his ‘Fish Fight’ campaign.

For those who are not aware, Fish Fight started in 2010 when Hugh highlighted the ridiculous situation where, under the EU landing quota system, our fishermen were being forced to throw back into the sea over half of the dead fish they had caught.

Largely as a result of the Fish fight campaign, there was an emphatic vote in the European parliament in which MEPs voted 502 to 137 to end this ridiculous practice. Fish Fight has been, in every sense, a political campaignRead more on Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century…

The difference between a product and a service

In my last post, I shared my experience of pouring hundreds of cans of beer down the drain in Vietnam due the high level of care Heineken take to ensure that every can of their lager meets their strict quality standards.

I mentioned several more of my favourite brands that, presumably, are managed in the same way: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Weetabix, Marmite, Heinz Baked Beans, Guinness, Laphroaig.

I am sure you have your favourites too.

Brands like this are known in the trade as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – and the CV of anyone who is anyone in marketing is strengthened by FMCG experience. Read more on The difference between a product and a service…

Sainsbury’s Justin King slams retail skills shortage

 This week, Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury complained that:

“The British education system is leaving supermarkets short of potential employees with appropriate specialist skills …. and that the supermarket sector in general does not receive the recognition it deserves as a career choice for graduates.”

At the same industry event last year Sir Terry Leahy, the Tesco chief executive said:

“Standards in schools are woefully low leaving employers to bear the consequences.” Read more on Sainsbury’s Justin King slams retail skills shortage…

Privacy in-store and out

So, from Gordon Brown to Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole to John Terry, all has been revealed. There’s nothing we don’t know.

In the personal lives of these great men, the girls – and I am afraid there have been lots of them – have been only bit-part players. Even the mini-skirted ‘Brown Sugars’ have been outed to an insatiable electorate.

For me, apart from sympathy for their other halves, I don’t really care what these people get up to in private. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the footballers and I even have a tinge of sympathy for Tiger Woods.

As for Gordon Brown at University, I would be more interested in comparing his political philosophy at the time to the thriving market economy he manages now. I can’t stand career politicians. Get a life! Read more on Privacy in-store and out…

Retail search (not)

Recently, my family and I have had major, multiple retail problems. Personally, a fundamental shift has been forced onto my purchasing behaviour. My local Somerfield has become a Co-op.

On the good side, the place looks cleaner in every way, they sent me a discount voucher booklet which was handy because I like discounts – they even offered me a discount for my funeral. Read more on Retail search (not)…