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Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century

Hugh's Fish Fight

For several years now, I have advocated that more intelligent use of the media options available to us in the 21st century can influence social change and a better world.

Earlier this month, we were reminded of such a campaign when TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Hugh) updated TV viewers on his ‘Fish Fight’ campaign.

For those who are not aware, Fish Fight started in 2010 when Hugh highlighted the ridiculous situation where, under the EU landing quota system, our fishermen were being forced to throw back into the sea over half of the dead fish they had caught.

Largely as a result of the Fish fight campaign, there was an emphatic vote in the European parliament in which MEPs voted 502 to 137 to end this ridiculous practice. Fish Fight has been, in every sense, a political campaignRead more on Digital fish fight drives democracy in the 21st Century…

Go Home vans: how the UK Government ignored the most basic law of advertising

A Different Hat

The Rt Hon Theresa May, Secretary of State for the Home Office has announced that she wishes to create a ‘hostile environment‘ for illegal migrants to Britain. But early attempts to do this run the risk of alienating those of us who have every right to be here.

In July, the Home Office, led by Ms May, launched an advertising campaign against illegal immigrants to the UK. The chosen message was as follows: Read more on Go Home vans: how the UK Government ignored the most basic law of advertising…

Customers: there may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?

And so, as we enjoy our short, hot summer, a new generation of university graduates return their rented gowns and mortar boards and head off into the big, wide world.

The lucky ones know what they want to do and are taking the first steps to fulfilling their dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or, God forbid, a banker.

Read more on Customers: there may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?…

US Gun Laws: Could Twitter and Facebook be forces for good?

What a world.

Twenty-six children have been slaughtered.

To protect them, teachers have thrown their bodies into hails of gunfire.

‘Carnage’, as President Obama said: Read more on US Gun Laws: Could Twitter and Facebook be forces for good?…

Leadership: Be Driven. Be Smart. Be Human.

I have been thinking about ‘Leadership’ as a topic for this post. What a nightmare.

The thought occurred with wry amusement that the ‘Leadership for a Better Britain’ theme at the Conservative Party Conference was followed, within days, by the biggest back-bench rebellion Cameron has faced as Prime Minister.

Then I started researching Leadership as a topic.

How naïve was that?

Leadership is all over the place, especially online. Read more on Leadership: Be Driven. Be Smart. Be Human….

The spontaneity of Twitter

In my post of 23 May, I wrote ‘Does Twitter set the news agenda or does the news agenda follow Twitter?’. This question is even more apposite today.

As I have discovered myself as @TheSalmonAgency, Twitter crosses the absolute extremes from the most serious to the extremely silly. This is what makes Twitter both important and fun.

This week, right across the media, in all the newspapers, on TV and the radio has been the story of Charlie Gilmour whose mum, novelist Polly Samson ‘has taken to Twitter to reveal details of her son’s incarceration’. I have some sympathy with her position, about which she feels very strongly and to which she has given much thought (and feeling). Read more on The spontaneity of Twitter…

The evil of social media

At last year’s General Election, I argued for the more intelligent use of social media in modern warfare.

With the application of a greater depth of human understanding in Libya, I have no doubt that a more successful outcome would have been achieved. It is now nearly August and the protesters are not back in Tripoli where they were on 27 February (as I Tweeted on the day).

Our leaders have blood on their hands. Read more on The evil of social media…

Twitter Wars

Last week, my 26 April post on ‘Super-injunctions’ attracted a surge of interest on a spectacular scale, partly through the national news agenda but also on Twitter from the likes of @JennaAlicia (#ff Jenna-Alicia from @TheSalmonAgency!)

I guess one follows the other but, these days, I am confused as to which is which.

Does Twitter set the news agenda or does the news agenda follow Twitter? Read more on Twitter Wars…

Halfords Bicycle Chase

It had been agreed that the wife needed a new bicycle. As the old one had expired, ceased to be and gone to meet its maker this was indeed a ‘need’ and not a ‘want’.

I had just sat down in my comfy armchair with a lovely Saturday morning cuppa and was about to read the newspaper, a pleasure that some people of my generation still enjoy, and in she walked:

“I’m off to Halfords to buy a new bicycle”.

“What, just like that?” I said. Read more on Halfords Bicycle Chase…

‘YES to AV’ Fiasco

The purpose of A Different Hat is to connect all our skills in marketing and communications (in all its forms) to a wider world than commercial products and services.

So I was going to spend the week-end writing a hugely insightful discourse into the brilliance of the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign. Read more on ‘YES to AV’ Fiasco…

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